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Teeth Whitening Service

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Service

Using a professional teeth whitening service in Stephens City, VA, allows for a more thorough and stronger whitening. Over-the-counter products are typically only good for light stains. If you want a fast procedure then professional teeth whitening is a good option. A professional service can give you whiter teeth in about an hour.


You can also get customized treatments to get the most precise amount of whiteness that you are looking for and in areas where you need it most. Over-the-counter remedies can cause damage to the gum tissue in your mouth. A professional teeth whitening service can be safer and more comfortable since you have an experienced professional that will guide you through every step of the process. The concentration and amount of whitening can be adjusted so your gums and other parts of your mouth are covered.

You may have noticed your teeth could be a brighter white. There are many products available to whiten your teeth, which is considered a cosmetic procedure. One product on the market is called Zoom, manufactured by Philips.

Zoom can be recommended to whiten your teeth — from procedures at the dental office to at-home solutions. Your dentist will oversee your Zoom treatment, giving you additional reassurance that your whitening treatment is safe and effective.


There are other benefits of teeth whitening, such as gaining more confidence and having the appearance of good grooming habits. We currently offer Zoom whitening for your convenience. Ask our providers if you are a good candidate.

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