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dental check up

What to Expect during a Dental Check up

When you have a dental check-up, you will first meet with a hygienist to begin. He or she will do a teeth cleaning and will also use various tools to remove or scrape tartar and plaque away from teeth, polish teeth, take X-rays if necessary, and report their findings to the dentist.


After the teeth have been cleaned then the dentist will also do a quick teeth checkup, examine your soft palate, gums, neck, and throat for any abnormalities, and review any X-rays that may have been done. The dentist will then discuss your overall oral habits and health and recommend any additional dental work you may need to maintain oral health. It’s important to get a dental check-up at least once a year in order to maintain the health of your mouth and teeth to identify any problems early. For example, a build-up of tartar can cause some long-term issues.

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