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Dentist near me

When to See a Dentist Near Me

While you should see a dentist near me for regular checkups, there are some other instances where you want to make a visit.


Aches of Any Kind: If you are experiencing pain, it could mean a cavity that is getting worse. Don’t think that it will go away on its own and be sure to make an appointment with a dentist near me. Other pains can be an aching jaw and frequent headaches.


Bleeding Gums or Mouth Sores: Mouth sores can go away on their own but it can also indicate a sign of infection so it’s important to get them looked at.


Serious Medical Concerns: If you have other serious conditions, such as eating disorders, diabetes, or gum disease, it can affect your oral health more than you realize. Many medications can cause dry mouth, which can further jeopardize oral health.


Bad Breath: Bad breath can be a sign of gum disease or another health problem. It’s a good idea to visit a dentist so you can discover the underlying cause.

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